What Is Autism?

Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a medical condition that affects the brain’s development. Individuals diagnosed with autism often have issues communicating, and interacting with others in social settings.

The cause of autism is not known but professionals do know that the chemical and biological make up within the body influences how the brain functions both on an emotional and developmental spectrum. Some research points to genetics being a factor in this disorder, and mercury poisoning and irregular diets while pregnant are also thought to be possible causations.

Those with autism of this type will almost always find it challenging or have difficulties learning, being in social situations and will struggle with verbal and non-verbal communication. Other characteristics of autistic individuals include being overly sensitive to sound, lights, touch, smell and taste. Many OCD characteristics are also found in those with autism which includes repetitive moments or making repetitive sounds, feeling anxious or displaying disruptive behavior when their schedules change or are altered and will have unusual attachments to inanimate objects, but will not take particular interest in people.

Other traits of those with autism include using gestures instead of language when communicating, being withdrawn from others or not engaging in social situations at all, and will be either extremely passive or aggressive. Sometimes they will alter between passivity and aggressiveness quite often and without provocation.

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