The acronym LEAP represents 4 steps we think are crucial if a child is suspected of having Autism:

1. LEARN…About Your Child’s Diagnosis

Facing your child’s diagnosis of Autism may well leave you experiencing a range of difficult and complicated emotions, and feeling overwhelmed in considering the challenges that lie ahead.
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2. EVALUATE…ABA Services

Gaining a better understanding of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an ideal way to prepare yourself for the teaching role you will play in your child’s life in the years to come.
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3. APPLY…for Funding Sources

There are 4 primary sources of funding for services available to individuals with ASD. Families may choose to pay privately for therapies; the school may provide additional supports; the Regional Centers may cover a diverse range of services; and insurance companies.
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4. PREPARE…for Your Child’s Therapy

The passage of time as you wait for the start of therapies for your child can be frustrating as you are eager for your child to begin receiving the necessary interventions. However, you can use this time to better prepare yourself and your family for the impending changes, and for the time when providers begin to take on an active role in your child’s daily life.
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