This intervention aims to provide families with the support necessary to lead typical lives to the largest extent possible. As a respite service, this support will allow family and caregivers time to manage errands and appointments, engage in social activities, and take time for themselves. As a specialized service, WWA respite support aims to provide consistency in the implementation of behavioral interventions that have proven to be successful.

Respite is provided in the child’s home with the goal of enabling caregivers the time and energy to meet the demands of their daily life. The client will be provided with in-home, non-medical care which enables them to participate in a variety of activities, including meeting their basic self-help needs and promoting participation in other activities that would ordinarily be supported by a family member or caregiver.

Staff providing this service are trained in CPR, First Aid, and Crisis Prevention Intervention. The behavioral training and background WWA staff possess enables them to have the tools necessary to effectively manage behaviors that may arise during the time this service is provided. Ultimately, the parent can have additional peace of mind regarding the care and well-being of their child when taking some time for themselves. Consumers may be eligible for this service through North Los Angeles County Regional Center. Contact your Regional Service Coordinator to find out if you are eligible for receiving Specialized Respite Services. 

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