Nothing is more heartwarming, satisfying and inspiring than hearing from our clients about the impact WWA has had. We are honored to have the contribution of the testimonials below. They are a source of great inspiration. If you would like to share your story, we’d like to hear from you!

From Our Clients

Frank’s therapists treated him like a real person not just a subject matter they worked with. They really cared about him and his outcome.  They were our biggest cheerleaders.  Whenever I was discouraged they would give me a pep talk and it was heartfelt.  I also got most of the best advice I ever received from them.  That advice has shaped who he is.

– Jeanne, the mother of Frank

In collaboration with each IEP team, the therapists with WWA worked diligently to ensure that every student met their goals, was treated with compassion and respect, and progressed toward their highest potential. My students experienced measureable success and personal satisfaction from working with the fine therapists from WWA.As a professional, I highly recommend Working With Autism to all those seeking behavioral and academic support for students with disabilities.

– Mary Garripoli, M.A.

As a mother of two boys with special needs; my eldest who had significant development delays, and my youngest whom is autistic, I was so thrilled to discover Working With Autism and provide each of my children with the tremendous services it provides… each of the therapists and supervisors were always so encouraging and positive. With the success of my older son, I knew to trust the process and it ended up changing my younger son’s life and the way he sees and interacts with the world around him.

-Debby, parent

Working With Autism, from the Administrators to the In Home ABA Team, provided my family with such phenomenal training that I hold every other Autism Intervention program to meet the level of expertise we received in our 3 years as clients of WWA… Any problem I happened to ponder out-loud, these Therapists became eager to set up a way for me to manage the challenge.

– Vana Thiero, parent

From Our Staff

Sometimes, it will take my client months and months of hard work to master a goal. Being a part of that child’s breakthrough and seeing how it positively impacts his or her family life, is one of the best feelings in the world.

-Jon W., BII, employee since 2008

Working as an RBT at WWA has been a wonderful experience. I have been lucky enough to get wonderful clients and have seen their improvement all throughout my time working with them. WWA and my Supervisors have always been there to encourage and provide support to me so I can bring out the best and provide great services to our kiddos. I love what I do and love seeing our kiddos growth.

-Jackeline P., RBT, employee since 2019

WWA is very passionate about the service they provide. From staff to supervisors, they equip you with all the necessary tools for you and your client to succeed and thrive.

-Stephany Z., RBT, employee since 2018

I’ve had the pleasure of working at WWA Inc., for a little over 2 years now. As a RBT, I was given the flexibility to work and continue to further my education full time. WWA Inc. has provided me with mentorship in my professional and personal growth as well as given me the opportunity to do meaningful work.

-Dia A., RBT, employee since 2019

For over ten years, I have been lucky to be part of the WWA family. In my first days attending the agency’s thorough training, I had a glimpse of WWA’s culture: teamwork, excellence, never-ending professional development and intellectual stimulation. Once in the field working as an RBT, I benefited greatly from the very knowledgeable and supportive supervision provided by WWA. It allowed me to grow professionally and as a person.

-Julien P., RBT, employee since 2010

I have always felt supported professionally, motivated to improve upon my skill set, and encouraged to put forth my best for my clients and myself as a professional. That structure assures that through the exceptional staff at WWA, the quality of care we provide for the wonderful families we work with is of the highest distinction.

-Erik F., RBT/PM, employee since 2006

I have worked at Working With Autism as a BII for 3 years and as a Program Manager for 7 years and it has been a pleasure. The coworkers I work with are helpful, thoughtful, and full of compassion. The families are welcoming, grateful, and hopeful. It is quite exciting to be able to love the work I do and to work in an environment where everyone’s sole purpose is to better the lives of every child we work with.

-Anisa P., Program Manager, employee since 2012

WWA is a great company to work for. I have the opportunity to work with an excellent team and wonderful families!

-Iliana G., Program Manager, employee since 2000

I have enjoyed working at WWA for the past 7 years as a Case Supervisor. My
Directors at WWA have been great mentors and have helped shaped my career as a
Behavior Analyst. I have appreciated working for such an amazing organization!

-Traci L, BCBA, employee since 2014

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